The Cottage

Casinha do Barreiro is a charming and modern cottage tucked away in the picturesque parish of Santa Barbara on the scenic Azores island, Santa Maria. This cosy retreat offers a private setting that combines comfort and beauty. Conveniently located a leisurely 20-minute stroll from the heart of the idyllic village, you’ll have easy access to freshly baked bread available every morning at the local ‘loja,’ or the option to unwind with a cold beer or a ‘Meia de Leite’ at the bar in the evening. The cottage serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the hiking trails of Norte, Santa Barbara, and São Lourenco, each offering unique and captivating experiences. Just a brief 2-minute walk from the cottage, you’ll discover Miradouro do Barreiro—a serene picnic spot that offers breathtaking vistas of ‘o Ilhéu do São Lourenco,’ an enchanting natural landmark. All of these attractions are conveniently accessible on foot, just steps away from your front door.

For those seeking a productive environment away from home, the cottage is equipped with high-speed WiFi and a flat-screen cable TV, ensuring you stay connected and entertained. Additionally, private parking is provided for your convenience. Should you wish to explore the island at your leisure, we offer the option of reserving a 125cc Scooter or utilizing our reliable Mountain Bikes, providing you with a versatile and enjoyable means of transportation.

Discover the perfect self-catering cottage accommodation designed to accommodate up to four individuals, whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic getaway, a group of four friends, a family on vacation, or even a remote worker looking for a tranquil retreat. Casinha welcomes all with open arms, offering a versatile space that suits your needs. The cottage comes with two Doube-size bedrooms, each thoughtfully adorned with custom furnishings to ensure your comfort and relaxation.  Enjoy the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen, inviting you to unleash your culinary creativity during your stay. Whether you’re whipping up a hearty meal or a culinary masterpiece, our kitchen has you covered. Indulge in a moment of relaxation within the spacious bathroom featuring a modern shower, providing a refreshing start or a soothing end to your day’s adventures.  You will find a cozy dining area complete with a charming cast iron stove that not only adds to the ambiance but also warms your surroundings (with wood thoughtfully provided). A comfortable sofa provides the perfect spot to watch a movie or get lost in a captivating book. We provide a small library of books and games for your enjoyment. Casinha warmly welcomes you to enjoy all its comforts.



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Casinha is orientated to the South East providing maximum exposure to the sun. With an outside terrace and a dedicated barbeque area the setting is perfect for al fresco dining. Feast your eyes on a mesmerizing panorama that unfolds before you—an unobstructed view of the sea, the majestic Pico Alto, and the charming parish of Santa Barbara.

Adjacent to the cottage is a large garden and after a long day hiking you can relax on our ‘sundowner chair’. From this vantage point you can enjoy fantastic sea views and on clear days a view of our neighbouring island of Sao Miguel and off course the magnificent sunset.


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The Host

Greetings and a warm welcome from Santa Maria! I’m Aideen, your gracious host throughout your stay at Casinha do Barreiro. Following a remarkable 17-year voyage as a dedicated sailor aboard a sailboat, I, like fellow mariners, eventually made landfall here in the Azores. Instantly, these exquisite islands embraced me with open arms, and I found a true sense of belonging.

My fervent hope is that you, too, encounter the profound serenity, tranquility, and heartfelt hospitality that these islands and their people wholeheartedly offer. Should you require any assistance or guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Your comfort and enjoyment are my utmost priority.



Santa Maria

Due to its geographical location Santa María is the warmest, driest of all the Azorean islands. This contributes to greater aridity on the land and dry vegetation with a yellowish tint, and for this reason it is  known as the Sunshine Island. It is also the closest to the continent. Santa Maria is the first island to be discovered by Portuguese explorers, the first to be settled and also the first island in the Azores to be formed.
With a fantastic jagged coastline, high rocky headlands and bays of calm, crystal clear waters, it is an open invitation for visitors to explore this island by sea just as much as by land.





Bus timetable

If you want to take the bus around the island make sure you have plenty of time.